Smoke One ENT

Kill Myself by Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT

Memphis horrorcore rap artist, Ray Ray of Smoke One ENT releases suicidal song entitled, "Kill Myself," before staging social media suicide.

Ever since rock and roll came to the United States in the 1950s, Satan has tried to infiltrate our youth’s minds through music that advocates whoring, sluttiness, and general disregard for adults. But surely it is a sign of the end times when we have the first openly satanic rap star emerge. The truly evil rapper named “Ray Ray" of Smoke One ENT encourages his fans to kill themselves, burn down churches, and curse the name of Jesus Christ. He openly performs acts of devil worshipping and virgin deflowering onstage. He is no different than other black rappers in his goals, but he is open about them in a way that no other so called “musician” has been yet. Do not let your teen be fooled by Ray Ray and keep his music from raping more earholes than it has already raped! Purchase via iTunes:…ngle/id997304164 About: Smoke One Ent is a Memphis local rap group establishing their mark in the game. Contact: Smoke One ENT | 901-620-1938

Smoke One ENT

Memphis, TN,
United States


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